Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trending: The Leather Boot

There's absolutely nothing wrong with indulging whole heartedly into the occasional trend. Today we spotlight the beloved and oh so versatile Leather Boot.In this past year we've all seen the leather boot become the Top pick, most trendy and in demand of all the shoe styles in fashion. Be it classic distressed leather Combat or polished patent leather Doc Martin , everyone has got theirs and in a few different colors and styles. The Vintage gently worn or distressed look is the most popular amongst the vast majority of urbanites and those style gurus wishing to achieve that urban edge made popular by the starving artists and grunge population of downtown New York.

The Leather boot though mainly worn in the cold weather months of the fall and winter were seamlessly and  surprisingly worked into spring and summer collections last year nation wide creating a fantastically androgynous style outbreak. Floral dresses and Leather boots,Brighter colors and lighter leathers, it was great and the androgyny lingers into the New Year. Check out these ladies in their distressed leather and oversized everything! Fur and wool coats, exaggerated scarves and leather bags.

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